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OR@DII - Operational Research at Department of Information Engineering

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Operational Research Group
Dip. di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
via Branze, 38
(25123) Brescia

+39 030 371 5448
+39 030 371 5935

Since 2007, OR@DII is the Operational Reserch group working at the Department of Information Engineering (DII) of the University of Brescia. Its research activity is focused on the development of optimization models and algorithms. OR@DII is part of OR@BRESCIA, the interdepartmental Operational Research group of the University of Brescia.


Advanced Integrated Assistance for Colorectal Cancer: Interventive Options

Project AIACCIO -Advanced Integrated Assistance for Colorectal Cancer: Interventive Options- aims at renewing and improving the overall diagnostic and interventive process of care of the colo-rectal cancer through a multi-disciplinary and multi-level approach involving medical and engineering actors.

The OR@DII group contributions consist in analysing and enhancing the current process, with particular attention to the interactions among actors (doctors, medical assistants, psico-oncologists, and so on) and between these actors and the information system. Moreover, the project aims at developing and testing a new ad hoc information system able to collect all the useful data for the process and to support doctors and assistants in their medical operations and decisions.

Partners: Spedali Civili di Brescia

Duration: 3 years (September 2015, September 2018)

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Smart Campus as Urban Open LAbs

Project SCUOLA -Smart Campus as Urban Open LAbs- aims at developing (and experimenting in different university campus) a new Energy Management System (EMS) able to smartly integrate and coordinate different aspects related to Smart Grids, renewable energy generation and communication technologies. EMS automatically controls and manages consumption, generation, storage, purchase, and sale of energy for public places such as university classroom as well as for residential buildings. Moreover, the project includes the study and the use of innovative photovoltaic systems with integrated storage and of recharge stations for electric vehicles.

The OR@DII group contributions consist in studying, developing and solving mathematical models that optimize the complex problem of coordinating all the elements of the grid. Decisions are taken considering constraints provided by the external energy supplier, preferences of the users or of the management, uncertainty with respect to future energy consumption and generation, and trying to minimize the costs while ensuring a certain level of user comfort.

Partners: Università degli Studi di Brescia, Politecnico di Milano, A2A, Eclipse, Italdata, GFMnet

Duration: March, 2014 - September, 2015

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